कोलर गान / Koler Gaan (2020)
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Koler Gaan / कोलर गान (2020) [Hindi Dubbed]
Koler Gaan / कोलर गान (2020) [Hindi Dubbed]
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कोलर गान

Koler Gaan
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It's a story of the so called gestation gap. The story moves with the center character "Chandra Kanta " the head of the family who loves to hear "KOLER GAAN" (gramaphon) from his early age. Chandra Kanta's only son "Chandan" (Bhaskar Benerjee) and his wife "Sumatra" (Chaiti Ghoshal) are not so much interested to listen to Gramaphon. Specially Sumatra is dead against with the habit of Chandrakanta's listening to gramaphon almost through out the day. Chandrakanta's only grandson "Chanchal" (Shibnath Mondal) is also loves to hear gramaphon song. Now day by day Sumatra is feeling disturbed with that gramaphon song and she is trying to get sid of it at any cost. But Chandrakanta is unable to stop himself from listening to gramaphon at any cost. Now Sumatra got a golden opportunity to sale that gramaphon in alyence of Chandrakanta without any notice with a huge price. Now Chandrakanta comes to know that his most favorite gramaphon is being sold by his daughter in law and son. What happened with Chandrakanta? That is the million dollar question. To know that everybody have to watch the movie "KOLER GAAN "
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  1. Adi the Voice Artist
    30 September 2021 21:03
    Beautiful dubbing!
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