दृष्यम 2 / Drishyam 2 (2021) «The Resumption»
8.4/10 IMDB
8.9/10 SAI
Drishyam 2 / दृष्यम 2 (2021) [Hindi Dubbed]
Drishyam 2 / दृष्यम 2 (2021) [Hindi Dubbed]
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दृष्यम 2

Drishyam 2
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Six years after the terrible event that almost destroyed his family, Georgekutty is the proud owner of a movie theater and aspiring to write and produce his own hit film. Yet his wife Rani is ill at ease. She worries about Georgekutty, who's taken out a loan and started drinking. She worries about her daughters; Anju suffers epileptic fits and cowers in fear at the sound of a passing police siren, and young Anu's growing independence takes her away from her mother's watchful eyes. Even more worrying, the neighbors have started to gossip and the police have remained relentless in unearthing George's darkest secret. When someone from the past returns to the village, can Georgekutty save his family a second time? Hamre
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