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Surely everyone faced a situation where there was simply nothing to watch on a dull winter evening. This will now become a problem of the past. The section contains all the most iconic movies in the history.

Each film is translated and voiced by a team of professionals. Our serious approach and striving to perfection let us stand out from other studios, which are engaged in the voice-over of films and TV series. We constantly replenish the staff of actors, translators, and upgrade our equipment. That is all done so that the public can enjoy the movies.

Watch Top-100 movies with the Hindi voice-over

It is important to understand that the movies are listed in Top-100 for a reason. These are truly the best films, which were selected by our team with love and respect for the public. Surely you have heard about each of them at least once before.

When you start watching, you will be pleasantly surprised by how we approach the issue of voice-over. Each character is voiced by a separate person, while some studios use a single person to voice entire movies.

Why Saicord?

Why you should choose voice-overs by Saicord to watch movies:

  • The release time. We provide a voice-over for most of the newly released movies on the day of release;
  • A large staff of voice actors. Our studio does not do voiceovers acted by one person only. We select an entire team for each movie;
  • A wide selection. Since we have a large team, we have managed to localize quite a lot of films. Therefore, you will have a lot to choose from.
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