कथ्थी / Kaththi (2014)
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Kaththi / कथ्थी (2014) [Hindi Dubbed]
Kaththi / कथ्थी (2014) [Hindi Dubbed]
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A multinational company tries to forcefully take over a village that was once a fertile agricultural land to make way for its commercial projects. Jeevanantham, a Hydrology Grad and probably the most educated person in the village, takes the fight to the MNC and vows to reclaim what's their own. Does he deliver on his promise? Do his efforts bear fruit? - The answers form the crux of this sensitive-issue themed flick.
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  1. Nazmul Hassan
    19 March 2022 10:30
    Dub it in Bengali plz
    1. Saicord
      20 March 2022 07:24
      All orders for films are accepted through special buttons at the bottom of the site and next to the comments window. When ordering, you need to specify a link to IMDb
  2. Nazmul Hassan
    6 June 2022 17:28
    Try to dub it in Bengali
    1. Saicord
      7 June 2022 17:51
      You request is not correct: 1. You do it in the comments when there is a special form that automatically generates lists for processing 2. You make a request on a page dedicated to the Hindi language
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