Dream Girl 2 (2023)
5.2/10 IMDB
10/10 SAI
Dream Girl 2 (2023)
Dream Girl 2 (2023)
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Dream Girl 2

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Karam and his father Jagjit Singh are making a living by singing at religious functions where Karam often play a female.Karam is in love with wealthy Pari but when her father finds that Karam and his father are in debts opposes their wedding and asks Karam to have secure job and house in six months.His friend Smiley who works in bar owned by Sona Bhai asks Karam to pose as a bar dancer Pooja in order to earn big money.Karam and first repents but then agrees,Smiley is in love with Sakina but her father tells that their wedding could only take place after her brother Shahrukh is out of depression.Abu Salem announces ten Lakh for the person who can treat his son Smiley then asks Karam to pose as Pooja in order to win who can treat Shahrukh.But twist takes place when Karam (Pooja) is asked to marry Shahrukh and Jumani older sister falls in live with [email protected]
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