The Fighter Suman (2023)
10/10 SAI
The Fighter Suman (2023)
The Fighter Suman (2023)
Coming Soon in English language

The Fighter Suman

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The Fighter Suman is a captivating love story with a twist. Suman, the son of a wealthy businessman, falls in love with a girl named Pooja, only to have her mysteriously killed. Devastated, Suman leaves his family and moves to a new place to heal. There, he encounters another girl named Pooja who helps him overcome his past. As they grow closer, Suman discovers the truth about Pooja's death and becomes a relentless force, seeking revenge against those responsible. Will Suman overcome his trauma and find justice for his lost love? The Fighter Suman takes you on a thrilling journey of love, loss and redemption.
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