अप्पुविंते सथ्यनवेशनम / Appuvinte Sathyanweshanam (2019)
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Appuvinte Sathyanweshanam / अप्पुविंते सथ्यनवेशनम (2019) [Hindi Dubbed]
Appuvinte Sathyanweshanam / अप्पुविंते सथ्यनवेशनम (2019) [Hindi Dubbed]
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अप्पुविंते सथ्यनवेशनम

Appuvinte Sathyanweshanam
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Appuvinte Sathyanweshanam / Appu in search of Truth is the story of Appu, a nine year old boy, who is in a moral predicament. Appu has failed in his examination and teacher has asked him to get his father's signature on the answer sheet. As Appu was worried about the solid beating he will get from his father, his friend Jithu advises him to secretly copy his father's signature. Appu lives with his father, mother and Grandfather in a sleepy Kerala village 'Manjadikunnu'. Appu's Grandfather, popularly known as Gandhi jotsyan was a devout 'Gandhian' who never wavered from the virtuous path. And Grandfather Gandhi jotsyan has inspired in Appu a bright sense of goodness. In contrast his father Mohandas, was a man of low morals and his mother, Anitha, indulges in lies as part of life. And now, Appu has to choose between the right and the wrong. To commit forgery or not?
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