विक्रम वेधा / Vikram Vedha (2017) «It's easy to choose between good and bad, and we both are bad guys. What would you do?»
8.3/10 IMDB
7/10 SAI
Vikram Vedha / विक्रम वेधा (2017) [Hindi Dubbed]
Vikram Vedha / विक्रम वेधा (2017) [Hindi Dubbed]
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विक्रम वेधा

Vikram Vedha
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A badass cop Vikram leads a special task force formed to eliminate a kickass Vedha's gang running amok on the streets of Chennai, making a mockery of Law and Order. An encounter planned by a Vikram's friend Simon, kills Vedha's trusted aides and brings him out of hiding. Vedha lays his clutch on Vikram and engages in a disturbing mind game of sorts which results in a quest to reveal the truth behind that fateful encounter..
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