द नान मूवी / Back Then (2021) «Wszystkie smaki dziecinstwa»
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Back Then / द नान मूवी (2021) [Hindi Dubbed]
Back Then / द नान मूवी (2021) [Hindi Dubbed]
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द नान मूवी

Back Then
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Marta is a romantic and a school victim of fate. He shares a room with his sister Kasia and grandmother, who tells her granddaughters insurgent stories instead of fairy tales. In the room behind the wall, my parents - Tadek and Elzbieta - live their married life. He is a constantly humiliated intelligent by the system who silently envies his prosperous brother-in-law. She is the president of the company's "Solidarity" with the need for freedom and a dream to finally break out of Poland. However, the real emotions for the whole family will start when the dream orange toddler stands under the block. It will turn out to be an unexpected catapult to the big world - the family will go to Lake Balaton with a toddler with luggage on the roof. Ela and Tadek will discover a vocation to trade and travel abroad, and the growing up Marta will fall in love again.
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