वेस्ट साइड स्टोरी / West Side Story (2021) «A city divided. Their love will change everything»
7.2/10 IMDB
85/100 Metascore
10/10 SAI
West Side Story / वेस्ट साइड स्टोरी (2021) [Hindi Dubbed]
West Side Story / वेस्ट साइड स्टोरी (2021) [Hindi Dubbed]
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वेस्ट साइड स्टोरी

West Side Story
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Manhattan, Upper West Side, 1957. Against the backdrop of the decaying tenements in the San Juan Hill neighbourhood and the constant threat of the wrecking ball, two warring gangs--tough Riff's Jets and swaggering Bernardo's Puerto Rican Sharks--fight for supremacy. Now, with a once-and-for-all, winner-takes-all rumble on the cards, an unexpected whirlwind romance at the high-school dance between former Jet brawler Tony and Bernardo's delicate little sister María sets the stage for an all-out turf war. But what's a gang without its territory? Above all, when the future is uncertain, what's hope without love?
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