हृदयँ / Hridayam (2022)
8.1/10 IMDB
9/10 SAI
Hridayam / हृदयँ (2022) [Hindi Dubbed]
Hridayam / हृदयँ (2022) [Hindi Dubbed]
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The emotional journey of Arun, his carefree bachelor days in engineering college, and how he matures through various phases of life.
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  1. Nazmul Hassan
    4 May 2022 12:57
    We want to watch it in Bengali language

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    1. Saicord
      5 May 2022 10:01
      All orders for films are accepted through special buttons at the bottom of the site and next to the comments window. When ordering, you need to specify a link to IMDb
    2. Vinay
      21 September 2022 02:35
      Hindi mein dekhne men Sharm aati hai kya
  2. hostdark2177
    20 May 2022 19:47
    Wow 😳😳
  3. Moynoddin
    24 May 2022 19:38
    এই মুভিটার বাংলা ডাবিং দেন না কেন ? 😒 অনেক দিন ধরে অপেক্ষা করছি মুভিটার বাংলা ডাবিং এর জন্য... প্লিজ তাড়াতাড়ি বাংলা ডাবিং দেন.... আর ডাবিং টা একটু ভালো করে কইরেন প্লিজ
    1. Saicord
      26 May 2022 17:56
      We do not accept requests via comments. You need to make a request directly to this movie from the page with the language you need, and only then will it get in the queue. We have a special script written for the mail service that generates requests to the queue in the right languages.
  4. Priyu
    3 July 2022 16:08
    Nice site..thanks for dubbing in hindi movies..bcoz i Don,t know all languages
    1. Saicord
      6 July 2022 10:37
      We are glad that our works bring you positive emotions.
  5. lumendra kunjam
    12 July 2022 03:06
    S superb movie
  6. Dhruv Verma
    23 July 2022 15:19
    Can't we download the movie as my internet is not that fast and it's taking a lot of time in buffering and that way I'm not able to enjoy the movie
    1. Saicord
      29 July 2022 17:43
      On our side, the channel is 24 gigabits, but we cannot guarantee good speed with all providers. We are constantly increasing the number of servers in different parts of the world to solve this problem. You can always download the movie to your device.
  7. Abir khan
    28 August 2022 02:55
    এই মুভি টা কি বাংলা দাবিং পাবো না আর??
    1. Saicord
      29 August 2022 15:33
      All orders for films are accepted using special buttons at the bottom of the site and next to the comments window. When ordering, you must specify a link to IMDb. We have made an automated system. When you send a request in the form, it automatically appears in our list. We did this for your and Our convenience and understanding which movie is more desirable first of all to our fans
  8. Abhiram mohanty 23
    16 October 2022 14:37
    Meenakshi sundareswar movie hindi dubbed plz

    Sita Ramam movie hindi dubbed plz
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