Net (2021)
5.6/10 IMDB
10/10 SAI
Net (2021)
Net (2021)
Coming Soon in English language
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NET is a 90-minute film that shows the weakness of human life, dealing with obsession taking over ethical values. Net, a story set in Nalgonda, revolves around a newly-married middle-class couple and a young couple, working in the software industry. Laxman, a small mobile-shop owner, in an unhappy marriage, stumbles upon Priya, a software professional through a porn site. Priya's apartment is under surveillance of hidden cameras making her and her boyfriend Ranjith's private life accessible to everyone who can unlock every room of her house by paying a heavy subscription fee. Laxman's obsession with her keeps mounting up until he finds out that Ranjith is cheating on Priya. That's when his entire life turns upside down when he goes out of his way to help Priya. Life pushes all the characters to a unseen limit and leads to broken relationships and shocking endings and finally everyone is trapped in a net. How they eventually get out of the net or not falls rest of the story.
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