Dharmaveer (2022)
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Dharmaveer (2022)
Dharmaveer (2022)
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A news reporter is upset over her channel as she has to cover 20th memorial service of politician Anand Dighe which made her miss her first Bollywood party moreover she is unaware who was the great personality and google news shows that after his death locals destroyed Sunitabai Singhania hospital.Reporter meets an auto rickshaw driver who decides to drop her to the location and tells her that rather then relying on google news she should meet the locals of Thane for whom Anand Dighe Saheb devoted his life.The story takes back to early days of Shiv Sena when a young Anand Dighe Saheb is a party worker inspired with his work and dedication he becomes prominent member of the party and very close aide of supremo Bala Saheb Thackrey where both share great respect towards each other.At the venue the reporter meets several people where she finds that Anand Dighe Saheb was not just a political leader but much more then that to Thanekar's and devoted whole of his life for them.But the great personality met with a tragic end and is still alive in hearts of Thanekar'[email protected]
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