O2 (2022)
5.8/10 IMDB
7.6/10 SAI
O2 (2022)
O2 (2022)
Coming Soon in English language
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Parvathy and her son Veera (8) are on a bus to Cochin for his lung transplant surgery. Parvathy always carries an additional oxygen cylinder for Veera's safety. A landslide puts their hope and the bus under a mountain of mud and debris. While the rescue team is trying to locate and rescue them, everyone inside the bus realizes that there's only limited oxygen for them to survive. A crook-minded police officer (who's also a passenger) sees Veera's oxygen cylinder as his only chance of survival and initiates a killing spree among the passengers. With less oxygen, and everyone eyeing her son's oxygen cylinder, how Parvathy saves her struggling son from the predators and survives the accident is the story of this suspense thriller.
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