Kaashi in Search of Ganga (2018)
5.3/10 IMDB
10/10 SAI
Kaashi in Search of Ganga (2018)
Kaashi in Search of Ganga (2018)
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Kaashi in Search of Ganga

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Kaashi belongs to a family who are known to perform final rituals of people in Benaras he lives with his parents and sister Ganga and is very much possessive of Ganga.Devina a journalist arrives in town for her work and befriends Kaashi but soon Ganga disappears and Kaashi with help of Devina tries to trace her.Kaashi finds from friend of Ganga that she was dating Abhimanyu Pandey son of Balwant Pandey who left her pregnant Kaashi in a fit of range kills Abhimanyu and gets arrested where as Ganga's decomposed body is also recovered.Devina points to Kaashi that she must have been killed by someone else as Abhimanyu was not present in town at the time of her death during the verdict in court many witness testify that Ganga never existed.
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