Nifrət Edənlər / Hatching (2022) «Nurture Evil»
6.2/10 IMDB
75/100 Metascore
8/10 SAI
Hatching / Nifrət Edənlər (2022) [Azerbaijani Dubbed]
Hatching / Nifrət Edənlər (2022) [Azerbaijani Dubbed]
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Nifrət Edənlər

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Desperate to please her domineering, image-obsessed lifestyle vlogger mother, fragile 12-year-old gymnast Tinja finds herself between the hammer and the anvil. But nothing is ever good enough, and as Tinja struggles to hone her skills, slowly succumbing to the insufferable burden of expectations and perfection, an unexpected finding in the woods becomes the silent harbinger of violence. Now, the thing in Tinja's bedroom threatens the unsuspecting family's well-tended illusion and mum's fake picture-perfect reality. And to think that wide-eyed Tinja would do anything to impress her passive-aggressive mother. What has Tinja been hatching under everyone's noses?
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